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Sachin Pilgaonkar performs on a Marathi track on India’s Best Dancer


Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show India’s Best Dancer is setting the standard quite high with its exceptional content and power-packed performances by its top 10 contestants. These contestants along with their choreographers are leaving no stone unturned to deliver phenomenal acts to impress the three judges – Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis. This weekend, India’s Best Dancer will celebrate Ganesh Mahotsav, with the special guests – veteran actors Sachin Pilgaonkar and Supriya Pilgaonkar on this auspicious occasion. The multi-talented husband-wife duo thoroughly enjoyed all the acts and even shared anecdotes about gave their career and personal journey.

One of the contestants, Rutuja Junnarkar who hails from Pune along with choreographer Ashish Patil, depicted the story of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi and Ganpati ji through their act. The performance was appreciated by all three judges and special guests Supriya and Sachin Pilgaonkar. Geeta Kapur loved the performance so much so that she said, “Ashish Sir, I really wish one day you choreograph me, there is so much that I want to learn from you, the details and the nuances that you showcase in your act. Rutuja, you are truly blessed to have a guru like Ashish. There were so many characters that you played Rutuja, a mature lady, a child, a devi in your act, it was beautiful”. Geeta gave them a standing ovation, too.

Terence said, “Rutuja, you danced so gracefully. You have the maturity and understanding of dance. You can bring about a transformation in your dance especially when it comes to folk dance. You are so confident with your craft. Aap performance ko chaar chand laga deti hai. People use this phrase ‘you’re born to dance’ when they see a good dancer, but there is a lot of hard work that goes into it, you have to train for hours, tab jaake ek dancer banta hai.”

Sachin Pilgaonkar who has known Ashish for more than a decade was happy to see him perform. He said, “Ashish it is wonderful to see you on stage again. Rutuja, the way you have matched up to Ashish is commendable. I have known Ashish since 2008, he has performed in front of me when I was a judge on the show. He has in a way considered me as his guru, and I have tried to contribute and give my insight as much as I could over the years. Then to learn that my shishya Ashish has become a choreographer was such a proud moment for me. When we see our kids grow, and prosper this way, you consider their win as your own win. The way Rutuja complements Ashish and dances graceful beside him, I think I would give the credit to Rutuja to have matched Ashish’s standard. Hats off to you! My wife and I have always blessed Ashish and will continue to do so, and from today, Rutuja, you have our blessings, too.”

Moreover, Sachin Pilgaonkar very graciously obliged to everyone’s request and performed brilliantly on a Marathi track with both Rutuja and Ashish, who take efforts to match to the veteran actor’s steps. Everyone on the show, could not hold back and gave a standing ovation to Mr. Sachin Pilgaonkar for his candid performance.

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